Do Bearded Dragons Have a Third Eye

Do Bearded Dragons Have a Third Eye?

This article will tell you whether bearded dragons have a third eye. Secondly, it will let you know what the eye is used for. Finally, you will also learn how you can take extra care of your dragon now you’re armed with more knowledge.

Without a doubt, bearded dragons have a third eye. Furthermore, the bearded dragon’s eye helps them to orientate themselves. In addition to this, they can sense if there is a shadow above them. Without a doubt, this means they can sense if a predator is nearby.

Coming up, we will look at the importance of a bearded dragon’s third eye.

The Importance of a Bearded Dragon’s Third Eye

The fact of the matter is that a bearded dragon’s third eye is very important. Without a doubt, the eye has a lens and a retina and it helps the dragon to determine whether there’s a shadow above them. Furthermore, the third eye helps the dragon to understand whether there’s a predator nearby. Finally, it helps them to stay safe as they can escape should they need to.

What Connects the Third Eye & Brain

A hole in the skull connects the bearded dragon’s third eye. Undoubtedly, the hole is quite small. Furthermore, in the past, scientists used to think a dragon had as many as 4 eyes. In addition to this, they thought the left eye in the extra pair moved. Along with this, they thought it moved to the middle of the skull.

What Can a Bearded Dragon See?

A bearded dragon cannot see very much with its third eye. Importantly, they use this eye to orientate themselves. In addition to this, they also use the extra eye to help them find their way home.

Studying the Third Eye

In 1991, a study took place. Secondly, it showed why the eye’s needed. It should be noted that eyes were used for orientation. Secondly, they were able to see the environment during their transportation. Importantly, the bearded dragons were only 200 meters away from their territory.

Splitting into Groups

3 groups:

  • where the third eye was covered
  • where a spot next to the third eye was covered
  • where the eye was not covered

The group that consisted of lizards that had their third eye covered could not find their way home. Secondly, this group took approximately two days before the scientists helped them home. Lastly, the group that did not have their third eyes covered found their way home without any difficulties.

An Additional Study

An additional study was carried out. Importantly, the study was to determine whether the dragons simply remembered the way home.

Firstly, the third eye was covered. Secondly, the bearded dragons were unable to see where they were at all times during transportation. Lastly, the lizards were unable to find their way home.

This study showed that bearded dragons need their third eye to help them find their way home.

Seeing Predators

Bearded dragons don’t only use their third eye to help them find their way home. Without a doubt, they also use it to help them see predators. Even so, they cannot see a bird that’s flying above them. Nonetheless, they can sense if there is a shadow above them as there is a change in light.

This can help bearded dragons to stay safe no matter where they are. Furthermore, they can stay protected by escaping the environment or turning black.

Why you Need to be Aware of the Third Eye

You need to ensure that you’re always aware of a bearded dragon’s third eye. Indeed, there are no predators in the bearded dragon’s tank but you still need to be aware. It should be noted that some owners wonder why their dragon is so skittish. Obviously, this is because they grab them from above. Unquestionably, this is because the dragon has detected what they think is a predator. Finally, they will be skittish because they think they’re about to be eaten.

Let’s imagine you were unable to see and someone kept grabbing you. Without a doubt, it would make you feel skittish. Secondly, you would start to get stressed, wondering when you’re going to be grabbed. Finally, if you were able to see you would understand what is happening and when.

Do Not Use a Fish Tank to House a Dragon

Some people assume it’s ok to use a fish tank as a home for a bearded dragon. Undoubtedly, using this type of housing can cause your dragon to become stressed. Without a doubt, it’s because you can grab your dragon from above. Thirdly, when you can afford to, you might want to buy a tank with doors on it. Finally, this will ensure you can only grab your dragon from the side.

Petting Your Bearded Dragon On the Head

Now you know that your dragon has a third eye you might worry about petting them on the head. Nonetheless, you do not need to worry about hurting them. Unquestionably, this is because a scale covers the eye.

Understanding what your Bearded Dragon can See

Bearded dragons can see with their regular eyes. Nevertheless, if you don’t know how they see they can be stressed. Without a doubt, this is because you might not be aware of how well they can see.

Try to think about how much you can see around any room you’re in. Unquestionably, your bearded dragon can see almost as much as you can. Thirdly, knowing this can help you to understand where and how changes need to be made.

When a Bearded Dragon Turns Black

If your bearded dragon turns black it’s because they can see something outside your window. Importantly, a bearded dragon can see so much more than you may realize. In addition to this, it might also be able to see itself in a mirror. Furthermore, knowing it can see a lot can prevent your dragon from being stressed.

There is always a chance that you could make your dragon feel safer. Indeed, you should consider changing the environment if you think your dragon is stressed.

Consider moving mirrors or moving the terrarium away from a window. Additionally, you might want to ensure the dragon sees no reflection in its terrarium as this can cause them to be stressed.

Ensuring Your Dragon has Enough Hides

You need to make sure that your bearded dragon has enough places to hide. It should be noted bearded dragons hide in plants. Along with this, it can also help to prevent direct visibility. Thirdly, you should consider having a background for your terrarium.

Now you know much more about a bearded dragon’s this eye you can look after them a little better. Undoubtedly, you have always had their best interests at heart. Nevertheless, knowing just that little bit more about your incredible bearded dragon will help them to stay well and happy.